Mittwoch, 12. November 2008

One more door !!!

Die alte Türen.
The old doors.
Den gamle døren.

Do you know about the secrets and life storys behind this old doors???
Kennst du die Geheimnisse und Lebensgeschichten hinter diesen alten Türen ???


Elisabeth Augusta hat gesagt…

En ting er sikkert; disse dørene har vært åpnet og lukket mange ganger og av mange hender. Det har satt vakre spor.

Pernille hat gesagt…

Thank you for your nice comments:) It was perfect Norwegian words you wrote!

Wonderful photos of your old door. And I think this door have soul. New doors can never be so beautiful as old doors who have some wear off (hope you understand what I mean). My english is not so good.

Maby it have been better if I wrote in Norwegian;)


Ivar Ivrig hat gesagt…

Great captured Hartmut. There are many beautiful old doors around. I would like to see the whole of this one

John hat gesagt…

Flotte bilder og dører. Historien bak vet jeg ikke :)

Titania hat gesagt…

Old doors look wonderfully intriguing. When I was in Paris I was fascinated, every Appartment block had these huge double doors, old new, carved, plain, painted and every one was an enigma, because I could not see inside.
Great post Torsdag. I love doors!

Biene hat gesagt…

Türen faszinieren mich auch immer wieder!

Grüßle, Biene