Freitag, 12. Dezember 2008

One more song !!!

Ja zu meiner Oslo-Webcam habe ich den freundlichen Hinweis erhalten, dass es in Norwegen viele andere wunderbare Regionen gibt. Der Hinweis kam aus der Region Hordaland und die gehört zum "Vestlandet".
... und dort ist es himmlisch, deshalb ein kleine Verbeugung vor dieser wunderschönen Küsten- und Fjordlandschaft und vor Rune, der sie immer bezaubernd ablichtet.

Leider war ich dort noch nie mit meiner Digitalkamera und deshalb ..... einmal anklicken.
... und um all die ander wunderbaren Regionen Norwegens zu sehen bitte die netten norwegischen blogger besuchen.

Posting the "Oslo Webcam" I got a friendliy advice that there are lots of beautiful places in Norway. The advice was commented from Hordaland, part of "Vestlandet".
... and it is realy wonderful in Hordaland. A deep bow before this wunderful coast- and fjordarea and Rune who is posting stunning Hordaland-shots.

Sorry I have never been in Hordaland whit a digicam and therefore .... click here.
... and for viewing all the other wunderful norwegina areas visit the norwegian bloggers.

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RuneE hat gesagt…

Thank you very much for a pleasant comment! The Heron I showed deserved a better picture, but I had to take is "as is". A magnificent bird. Luckily they can often be found in just that area and I'll try again with more adequate equipment.

Thank you also for the wonderful post you had. I even felt a bit "ashamed" for having provoked it! But I enjoyed it immensely - not the least the included video. It showed off the souther part of Vestlandet beautifully. When it was over You Tube popped up another suggestion, Tir A'Noir with the Norwegian band Vamp and featuring the same female vocalist in this number. They all come from this district and the band has for a long time been one of the most popular ones in Norway. As you will hear, their music owes more than a little to Irish music.